SF Girls – RPG Sex Android and Browser Online Game

Nutaku exclusive mobile and PC browser sex game, SF Girls is a hentai free to play RPG with amazing animation. Cartoonish design porn adventure tower defense game with lots of gachas. Team building fantasy hentai with PVP game system and character evolution updating girls levels! You need a Register a NUTAKU Account Free to play SF Girls

312 years have passed since the discovery of the mysterious Alpha stone now sitting at the center of civilization. Throughout the centuries it has been humanity’s beacon of hope, bringing balance to the chaotic life once inhabiting this world. With the old barbaric ways all but forgotten, the Alpha stone brought on far more pleasurable ways of enjoying life.

The air was vibrating with energy as if something special was about to unfold. Warm smiles and happy faces flooded the streets as the entire planet celebrated the Anniversary. Silhouettes of half-naked bodies were twisting in crazy outfits to the sound of music, engaged in this unabashed tribute to love.
And then, for a moment, time stopped. A sonic boom pierced the sky, and then another, and then another. Tall glass buildings shattered as wave after wave of ships turned the horizon red with their engines.


Your mission is to fight against the hoard of alien invaders seeking to destroy your planet’s delicate balance.
Torn away from a life of pleasure, you must recruit and train an exclusive all-girl special forces team made up of the hottest space agents in the galaxy! Eliminate wave after wave of alien attacks, and enjoy rewards befitting a true hero!
Will this be the end of days, or will these new adventures bring a rush of much needed EXCITEMENT to this world? Just imagine the infinite…naughty possibilities!

– With more than 30 insanely gorgeous girls to choose from, here you can find hot ASSets of all shapes and sizes!
– Recruit, upgrade and date your favorite WAIFU!
– Undress to impress! Strip and customize your favorite girls. Date them all and unlock their unique sex scenes!
– Defend the Alpha against waves of battle-hardened enemies!
– Guide your team through different challenges, discover the fantastic story behind all of this, and…uncover all the girls’ kinky secrets!
– Power your way through the PVP rankings to be the king of the hill!
– Show them who’s BOSS! Team up with fantastically skilled hotties and battle EPIC bosses in the adventure of a lifetime!

I believe this is the best RPG sex game I have ever played on my android mobile. Despite the animations of gacha that is simply awesome and fluent, I love the RPG battle. Also you have more then 30 sexy girls to train and fuck. Get the in game rewards, strip and customize your hentai girls and unlock uncensored character sex scenes!

The in game currency it’s easy to collect, though I recommend to get new extra nutaku gold to enjoy this awesome sex game.