Mobile Free Sex Simulation War Game SLG Futuristic King of Wasteland

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King of Wasteland brings all the post-apocalyptic thrills, chills, and kills of mainstream heavy-hitters to erotic gaming. If you want to survive in the ruins of earth, you’ll need to team up with some seriously badass ladies to build an impenetrable fortress and fend off hordes of invading zombies.

City Building, Massive Multi-Player, Army Training, Simulated Life Game, Free to Play


Super world, where all players are on the same server

More than 20 unique heroines, more than 50 beautiful scenes, animated sex

Encounter and conquer beautiful women, post-apocalyptic world

Vast battlefield, always dangerous

Develop heroes and grow their strength

A great selection of equipment, devices and functional buildings

War Machines, Conquering the World

Various activities and playing modes to get unique tokens for girls

Holiday, resource, hero, and activity based events

Install on Android devices